North Adelaide Presbyterian Church | What Is Christianity

What is Christianity?

Religion or Faith?

Religion is about what we do. Faith is about trusting what another has done for us.

Truth or Taste?

Many choose their religion on the basis of what appeals to them. But surely what is more important than what appeals is what is true. Christianity claims to be true or factual. People should become Christians because it is true.

God and suffering.

Idea – Why has God made a world that includes suffering? God's original creation excluded suffering. Suffering happens when something is not right. Then everything was right. But we as a race chose to reject God. Then things were no longer right. Suffering tells us that things are not right. It is like physical pain. It tells us something is wrong and we can attend to it. Suffering tells us that there is something wrong with our world and relationship with God. So it is an expression of God's love. He wants us to feel that something is wrong and seek for a remedy. Let us also understand that God entered our suffering to deliver us from it and bring us back to a world where there is no suffering.

God and hell.

Idea – We have a sense of justice. We are appalled at blatant injustice. Hell is justice. Explain how. God is so concerned about justice that He took it Himself (Romans 3:25f). This is an expression of God's love of all that it good. Ultimately hell is our choice when we understand what it is.